3 Pussy Eating Techniques that Will Make MOST Women Cum Quick!

Lick my Pussy and Make me CumThere are many exciting things to do with your partner in bed. Most of us have our sexual and intimate fantasies concealed deep within us. These are things that turn us on in the most exhilarating way possible and make reaching an orgasm easy and fun.
Cunnilingus, or what is rather commonly known as eating out is one of the best ways to make your lady cum. Women love it and say it is a magical feeling, ‘one like nothing they have ever experienced in their whole life’. Some even say it is better than vaginal sexual intercourse itself.
As a matter of fact, cunnilingus is derived form the Latin term for vulva; cunnus and lingo; which means to lick. It is most often given many slang names including ‘tipping the velvet’, ‘lip service’, ‘carpet munching’, ‘muff-diving’ and even ‘drinking from the furry cup’.
One unfortunate thing is that most men do not know how to eat out right. Some do not even know what they are doing and some cannot even find the clitoris for a start. Being an important part of foreplay, we all have to know how to do it right, both men and women. Here are 3 tongue techniques that will make you a pro at this.

1) The Up and Down technique

Also known as the Incy Wincy Spider, the Up the spout , right down and up again is one of the best ways to get your lady moaning in pleasure. This techniques hits each and every nerve ending, but only if done right.
It is actually simple, lick downwards from the top of her clitoris all the way down to her labia and right back up again. One thing to note however is the intensity of her groans while doing this. If she sounds like she is experiencing some pain then you need to tone down on the pressure a little bit. This is because most women have different sensitivity levels to the pressure applied on their clitoris and the slightest mistake can turn them off.

2) The Left to right slide

As the name sounds, this technique basically entails licking the clit form left to right in soft, slow and sensual strokes. It is also referred to as the Cha Cha slide, just like the song ‘Cha cha slide’ by Mr C The slide man.
The Cha cha slide requires a steady rhythm as some people can get really rough in their tongue movement. Making harsh darting movements with your tongue when it comes to cunnilingus equals to bad results.

3) The Circles technique

The third is the simplest of the three techniques and also the most fundamental one. It is a sexual arsenal that everyone has to have and always has the best result. This is because it works in such a way that it covers both the up and down and left to side clitoral movements.
All it entails is moving your tongue is slow concentric circles, keeping it steady and rythmic. Make sure you start off with slight pressure and speed up if she gives you the cue to do so. Trust me, you will know if she is giving you the green light to speed up.
-Spread Eagle.
-69 position mutual stimulation.

Basic Pussy Eating Tips

a. Use wide strokes by flattening your tongue. Sharp tonguing definitely hurts some ladies.
b. Do not feel afraid to suck on it, some ladies really do love it, and the only way to know is by taking a chance and doing it.
c. It is advisable to let her use her fingers down there. She is without doubt more experienced at doing so and will definitely do it better.
d. Always start with a good foreplay to get her wet before partaking cunnilingus. You may want to breath warm breathe into her pussy and making her really anticipate for it. You may gently lick her thighs, slowly and teasingly moving upwards.
e. Feel free to switch between soft kisses and and bites. However, the area is very sensitive so have that in mind while doing so.
f.Use your hands and finger for extra stimulation.
g. Do not spend much time on her nipples and breasts as you should have done so while undressing her. The neck is a very sensitive organ of a ladies body and should not be neglected.
With all these said, it is only prudent if you keep practicing this more and more. This is the only way you will get better at it. You may experience some ‘hurdles’ along the way but the only way to get there is by trying again and again. Nevertheless, giving a good clit job is an extremely easy technique. So i doubt if you will have may falls along the way.

3 Powerful Foods to Make Your Cum Taste Better

food for cum tasteHere’s a shocking fact, the type of food you choose to eat does affect the taste of your cum. Gasp! Well, don’t be shocked, they really do. So for all the foul remarks your girl made after a blowjob, it’s you, not her. None of you want to come out of the act meant to pleasure your essence feeling pathetic and disgusted. Luckily, some foods have been proved to naturally sweeten the taste of your cum and consequently improve your health. That’s two scores for you and your body. Here is a list of three foods that can sweeten your cum.

It goes without saying that fruits are a proven fix to almost anything. Citrus fruits are especially useful when it comes to flavoring semen. Among the many citruses is the pineapple which I’m sure you’ve heard of its quality sweetening effect. Semen is naturally alkaline while the pineapple has acidic properties, combining the two naturally neutralizes your semen making it to not only taste better but also smell better. You can either take the fruit itself or have it as pineapple juice, it’ll work either way. Oranges, grapefruits, limes, and lemons are also a few more examples of fruits that are rich in citrus. Other fruits that do the trick are bananas, papayas, watermelons, and strawberries. This is a whole lot of natural goodness that you could use to make your partner happy.


Cinnamon can either be used as a spice or food depending on your preference. As a spice, it naturally adds flavor to your food and bakings but little did you know that it makes your semen taste better. Its underlying properties help the body to remove odor tastes leaving the body with sensational scents. It’s proven to work really good in other various parts of you physic but we don’t really care much about that now, do we? Semen sweetness is what we’re here for and cinnamon has naturally solved this quest. Other spices like peppers and peppermints also do well in casting out a sour taste. There are even cinnamon and peppermint mouth fresheners that leave a sweet taste after blowjobs.


Our feathery friends have the flesh that we could consider as not only yummy but also cummy. While it isn’t in the least fair for the poor chickens, ducks or turkeys to die for our flavor needs, their passing isn’t falsely justified. Studies show that having poultry meat over fish and red meat does make your cum taste better. The latter have their own advantages that include empowering your sperm and increasing their sperm count but the downside is that they, especially red meat, make your semen salty. Adding poultry into your diet once a while a week will make your bedtimes really sweet for both of you.

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Other than counting down the foods that can sweeten your cum, you should be informed of the foods that cause your semen to have its bad taste. Along with the steak and fish, avoid caffeine, smoking, beer, dairy products, and fast food products like pizza and burgers. Basically, try to eat as healthy as much as you can to avoid a bitter indulgence, and have a sweet one.

Find Your Way To Sexual Confidence With Stud-100

women want more staminaNo matter the cause, premature ejaculation can be very frustrating and embarrassing. As such, men experiencing this problem often go through a great deal of emotional turmoil. Let’s face it; there is no worse feeling for a man than being unable able to satisfy your partner sexually, it puts you in a very precarious situation and can cause intimacy problems or even jeopardize your relationship. However, if you are struggling with premature ejaculation, Stud 100 Delay Spray could just be the savior you need. This quick-acting, safe and effective topical spray works by desensitizing your genitals, allowing you to go the extra miles before reaching the climax.

How it Works

The topical Spray contains lidocaine as its active ingredient that numbs or rather decreases the sensitivity of your male organ. As a result, you will not only be able to last longer in bed but also increase your sexual stamina, ultimately bringing the sizzle back into your sex life. This product is very easy to use and does not necessarily need a doctor’s prescription. However, you have to apply it in moderation; often 3 or more times, 5 to 10 minutes to the head and shaft before the intercourse. However, it is important to remember that, although you get to decide the correct quantity (usually depends on how much works for you), it is advisable to always keep it at a minimum. Also, remember to wash it off after the intercourse.

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The Active Ingredient

As stated before, lidocaine is the active ingredient used in this product, which is 100% safe for your genitals; Apart from being used as a numbing agent for the spray, lidocaine is a medical grade anesthetic often used for releasing pain in hospitals. Therefore, you have entirely nothing to worry about. In fact, Stud 100 is the only spray product containing lidocaine that can be bought anywhere in the world without prescription. Each spray administers about 7 milligrams of lidocaine that will desensitize your penis and turn you into an endurance champion in no time.


The spray comes in a discreet 75mm high can that will easily slip into your pocket; a single can holds up to 120 sprays. Additionally, the canister is fitted with metered, childproof pump spray to help you monitor the gauge as well as ensure child safety. To make things even better, the spray is odorless, non-toxic, and environmentally-friendly, not to mention the multi-language instruction leaflet that comes with it. The product is available online or over the counter-pharmacies all over the world.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Well, apart from boosting your confidence and guaranteeing maximum pleasure for you and your partner, the spray has obviously many other pros. Firstly, it is portable and easy to administer. Secondly, it is readily available online if you can’t find it at a store near you and, finally, it is odorless, non-toxic, and can also be used as a lubricant. On the other hand, the drawbacks may include reduced sensory experience since it momentarily desensitizes your penis; this might knock off the pleasure a little bit.

However, with studies indicating an effectivity rate of 64 percent, you can almost never go wrong with Stud 100 Delay Spray if you want to step up your bedroom experience. Furthermore, men struggling with a low libido, weak erection or other sex related problem gat an added benefit.

How to Shoot Cum All Over the Place

shooting cum all over the placeHow to shoot cum all over the place leads to the obvious question about what can be done to increase seminal fluid. It is important to increase the amount of seed being shot and there are ways to achieve this. That is the hot news and what makes it even more special is that anyone can do it.
Read on to learn all about:
• The big secret in how to shoot cum with the maximum amount of power.
• The urge for more action will increase.
• The more you practice the better skilled you will become. Practice makes perfect for the woman in your life.
• Your enjoyment levels will increase with more satisfied end product orgasms.
• You will find new levels of sexual confidence with the knowledge you know how to shoot your cum all over the place in the best possible way.

How does that sound? Are you ready to learn more about how you can increase your ejaculation ability?

Don’t Waste It.

What is the magic formula that will turn you into some kind of porn star? Well, the first thing you need to do is forget about all the conflicting news that you might have read. What works for one person might not work for you. Everyone is different and the stimulation game plan management should reflect that. We all know what it currently takes to perform at the maximum level. Or we should have a good idea depending on our age. This means, when we know there might be a sexual moment on the menu, don’t blow it by doing something that might spoil the mood. Alcohol can play a part here with questions about whether or not to have a drink before a performance. Sometimes it is necessary to get the right mood but it can go too far. Who wants to wake up the next morning with no idea what happened the previous night? You might have cum in every place imaginable but what’s the point if you have absolutely no recollection of it.

Finding the Perfect Balance

Searches online with throw up all kinds of products that guarantee sexual satisfaction and will make you perform like a stallion for twenty-four hours non-stop. A shoot cum festival and again it is down to an individual if they want to give it a try but be careful as there are health risks. You do not want to end up with a twenty-four boner or, much worse than that, expire on the job!

Sex on the menu, when you are in a relationship, can happen quite often so it is probably best to be ready all the time. Try to eat a well-balanced diet and take exercise on a regular basis. Try and do something every day even if it is one minute, just before a meal, to get the blood pumping. Then when the time does come, for you to shoot cum all over the place, you will be in the best!

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Ejaculation Power

Cinnamon for good ejaculationsWeak ejaculation power can bring about shorter climaxes with bring down force levels. In the event that you are attempting to begin or grow a family, it can even make things more troublesome in light of the fact that less sperm are shot out. Power levels can shift generally between men. Meds, hormonal disturbances, maturing, medications and liquor would all be able to impact the amount and nature of your ejaculations.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Ejaculation Power

Gratefully, there is an approach to turn around this issue. Catuaba bark, mucuna pruriens and ashwagandha are for the most part common items that are fit for improving the size, power, and power of your ejaculations.

Catuaba Bark! 

Catuaba bark originates from South America, where it has a long history of utilization as a love potion and sexual tonic. The herb sustains the male regenerative framework, which enables it to work all the more successfully. When it is working accurately, hormone levels can balance out, turning around the sexual troubles that were caused by the lopsidedness. In one research ponder, it was even discovered that the herb offered cell defensive advantages, showing the potential for it to hinder the harming impacts of medications and liquor.

While testing this herb on myself, and a significant number of my customers, I’ve discovered that this supplement produces solid increases in sex drive, and incredibly upgrades semen generation, and climax power.

Logical research and hundreds of years of utilization have demonstrated that catuaba is a sheltered and powerful treatment for sexual issues. There is little proof of reactions, notwithstanding when the herb is utilized for significant lots of time.

Mucuna Pruriens!

Mucuna Pruriens are local to the Caribbean, India and tropical Africa. Historically, it has been utilized as a Spanish fly. Like catuaba, the herb is a cell protectant. In thinks about, it significantly improved sperm creation and development.

Once more, my experience has demonstrated that this herb extraordinarily increases the generation of semen in the gonads, and increases the power and power of male climaxes.


The Ayurvedic herb of ashwagandha is a well known decision for expanding ejaculation volume. A few examinations have demonstrated that it enhances the quality and nature of sperm. It additionally caused particular growth of balls in creature investigate. Specialists trust this is because of its testosterone-like impacts in the body.

Ashwagandha has been taken at fitting dosages for quite a long while without bringing on any undesirable reactions. While it can be taken long haul, all encompassing specialists prescribe taking three to seven days off subsequent to taking the herb for a month and a half. This isn’t to forestall symptoms, but instead to shield your body from working up a tolerance to the herb. Creature thinks about have demonstrated the herb to have no toxicity.

I’ve been treating myself, and my customers with these common herbs for a considerable length of time, and have as of late found one item that stands head and shoulders over the rest. The fixing list incorporates 13 of the most intense testosterone supporters on the planet. 

The increase in sexual drive and ejaculation power is exceptionally significant and powerful every time I take it. In case you’re hoping to support your sex drive and increase the extent of your ejaculations, I exceptionally prescribe that you investigate this supplement.

Three Ways You Need To Read About To Increase Your Penis Size

Girl expecting a big one doggy styleCould you be thinking about some of the common ways you can naturally enlarge your penis? Then you are in the right place because this article will highlight three easy ways to get the size of your dick like you want it. To make a list of these ways to increase your penis, especially considering how much size you want to increase and whether or not to increase the size, is also a requirement. So, without any further ado, here are the three ways:

Work It Out

The first way to naturally increase the size of the penis is to work it out. As well as training and nourishing your body with weight and running, you can also train the penis area and make it stronger, taller and with more capacity for blood, all the great things that make a penis bigger and make you a sexy beast make in bed!


If you are wondering how to positively increase your penis, this is just one way to increase the size of your penis overnight. Going under the knife is expensive, risky, but a sure way to make your penis bigger. Most people do not even think about penis enlargement, but some people are more desperate than others to get a bigger package. If you are ready to spend the money and do not care about the recovery time as well as the 8 weeks without sex, penis enlargement surgery can be a great way for you to make your penis bigger.

RS Natural Exercise

The second most common way to enlarge your penis is the RS Natural Exercise. This groundbreaking exercise combines everything from head to toe, which is required to lengthen your penis to remarkable lengths, and it will add a good quarter to one inch diameter to each penis within the first month, hopefully! This is not a guarantee or anything anyone has said on a website, this is an actual proven medical fact of life that exists when subjects fill the small bladders and their penises with fluid.

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A breakdown of RS Natural Exercise is listed below and should be very handy for those who need the three most common ways to know the size of their penis, and turn into an Adonis Alpha.

> Keep a diary of everything, from head to toe, which is good and bad in your life.

> Choose an exercise that combines both a sliding and a massage movement. It does not matter what the exercises are, as long as it’s done once a day for 30 minutes a day, non-stop for five days and then for two days.

> Think about positive self-assertion, and you’ve already reached the dimensions that you want, and you’re only going through the motions to reach that goal.

The beauty of the RS method is that it is so wide open to any type of hand exercise that it becomes almost nothing. By adding the Kegel Exercise portion of a great penis enhancement program, you will be as much closer to your goal of 1 to 3 inches of growth to reach your penis. Your wife or your girlfriend should take better care because there is a “Tiger in the tank” and this tiger will free itself!

Techniques to Get a Girl Squirting Irrepressibly

How to make a girl cumWould you want to be the god of the bedroom when it comes to pleasuring your female partner, giving her the best of moments during sex? Well, you have to plan immaculately, don’t just jump in there and expect everything to work; you have to push some buttons, she will love it.

Orchestrating a powerful climax that will leave her quivering with enchantment, the splendor of the gushing force of nature straight from her womanhood, oh my! Isn’t that just paradise? The rupture of the girl squirt, dreamland many yearn to get the keys to.

Start by making the mood right, erasing all distraction and cares from her mind, let only aspects and feelings of pleasure and joy linger, everything else mightn’t work without this. Clear the special place of any clutter; create a sensual milieu that will elicit a combination of cerebral, sexual, and emotional desire right from inception. Aromatherapy, lighting, music and personal grooming come hand in hand with milieu.

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When all is set and you are in your ‘birthday suit’ (naked), find the right position for both of you, perfect for stimulating her vagina and clitoris. Have her face up, legs spread, whether flat, knees bent or the frog position, let her relax and stretch her thigh muscles. A pillow under her butt will help by slightly tilting her pelvis, trouncing her g-spot at a textbook angle.

Move on to the foreplay, whisper something, anything sweet and sexy, and against her ears let her sense the placid feel of your lungful arousing discourse. A sensual, tender and exhilarating rubdown will give you clues on her sensitive spots that will arouse her and lead to stimulation; you can ask her if she likes it.

There is nothing like waste of lube at this juncture, more just makes this escapade exciting and sexy, making it naughtier. Apply it all over, inside her vagina, copiously on the clitoris, your palm and fingers as well. From here use a combination of clitoris stimulation via a combination of oral and cardinal manipulation.

Slowly and smoothly penetrate her, palm up using your middle finger, fingertip curled and caress her vagina’s frontal wall. If she likes it and desires extra, keep on, but be careful not to over stimulate her, after a little while, one more finger would do good with other stimulation sensations, sliding deeper two or three inches into her till you reach a spongy part more or less the size of a dime, the g-spot.

A feeling of urination may hit her, tell her you wouldn’t mind a little pee, its normal and you are comfortable with it, she needs reassurance to free her mind of worry and let go. Focus on other areas of her body she hungers to get stimulated, give her vagina and clitoris equal levels of stimulation.

For better control, use your other hand to maintain stability at her pubic bone while kneeling or standing facing her as she fidgets for sexual enchantment. Gently continue g-spot grazing as you mildly apply pressure to the clitoris with your palm whilst giving your hand an up and down motion. Increase the tempo while maintaining the rhythm, don’t rush, as climax gets closer, inhalations will become sharp, squirms and moans will follow, she will get wet, fluids flowing from her own ejaculation. As the squirting begins, maintain the firm palm placement on the clitoris to keep the stimulation at a regulated state.

Tip: toys or a finger in the butt work magic for many women, make her comfortable.

3 Simple Ways to Ejaculate Like a Boss!

Lots of loads for menIf you are struggling to enhance your sexual satisfaction and you are not happy with the results but at the same time you are not a big fan of pharmaceutical industry and want to make your progress natural and easy, have no worries.

In fact, there are some very achievable and natural ways for you to improve your ejaculation power and sperm volume which you can try in the comfort of your home and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Check out these three easiest ways to improve your semen power.

1. Water consumption

The internet is full of articles that promote a lot of daily water intake. You can lose weight, your skin will look better, etc. Well, turns out, water helps you improve your ejaculation too.

No kidding! Scientists are telling us that there is a direct correlation between the amount of fluids you ingest and your ejaculation capacity during the day. This happens because semen in your sperm is based on water and the more water your body consumes, there is more ways for it to create more semen.

Now, this doesn’t mean that if you drink an incredible amounts of water during the day, you will be able to ejaculate some world record volume of semen, if that is even a real thing.

The general rule of drinking two to three liters of water applies here as well and will get you covered since that is all your body needs to create a healthy sperm.

2. Leave yourself alone for a day
or two

Can you do it? Are you able to control your needs for a day and abstain from orgasm if it will help you improve your sperm volume?

Before you answer no, you need to understand that your body can produce around 140 to 200 million sperm cells every single day. That might sound like a lot but keep in mind that every time you ejaculate, you lose around 40 million of these cells. There is a limited amount, and every next orgasm will be weaker until you deplete your daily dose.

So, by waiting a day or two, you will actually help your body replenish it’s sperm supplies which will then affect your power to ejaculate in a positive way.

Here again, you shouldn’t go to the extremes and wait for more than two days, expecting to improve your sperm count even more. The sperm that is not used is just sitting there and getting old, so use it

3. Avoid constant heat around
your delicate area

Your sperm cells, just like Superman, have one one big weakness. The kryptonite of your little soldiers is a constant heat. This is why testicles are just hanging there, out in the open. In order to survive, these cells need to maintain a temperature lower than 98.6 F or a 37.0 C, which is, as you might guess, your average body temperature.

So, spending a lot of time in a hot tub or just a constant use of heated seats in your car can actually affect your sperm count in a negative way. This is why some scientists also recommend you to avoid holding your laptop, which tends to heat a lot, around your scrotum area.

And there you go, these are some common things that you disregard in your daily life routine but could be the reason you are struggling to perform like a healthy, young man.

3 Easy Ways to Increase Your Sperm Count and Get Pregnant

Foods to increase fertilityAbout every man wants healthy ejaculate and fit sperm. Males feel more manly with a sizable ejaculation that has a high sperm attentiveness. However, it’s not all man’s semen is as healthy as it could be. If you are wondering how to increase your sperm fertility, there are several actions you can create.

First, it’s important to know what semen is made of really. Semen contains healthy proteins, vitamins, minerals, and body fluids made by the prostrate gland. Obviously seminal fluid also contains sperm so if you wish to be aware of how to increase your sperm count it is important to have healthy semen. You can’t make healthy ejaculate or semen without offering your body the proper nutrients.

Eating natural foods and avoiding processed ones are a great way to increase your ejaculation levels and produce healthy semen. Here are several of the most powerful natural foods to help you develop your sperm.

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Food 1. Green Barley is a new barley plant still in the shooting form. That is one of the most nutrient-dense foods and can help you as you learn how to increase your sperm count up.

Food Two. Fruit drink made with 50% carrot, 45% celery, and five per cent parsley will provide your body with lots of natural enzymes which can help the body produce more semen. This kind of juice will provide your system with the building obstructions for semen formation.

Food Three. Omega-3 oils come mostly from fish and provide the body with essential fatty acids. The body cannot make these oils on its own so that it must get them through fish, olive petrol, or supplements. In case you are questioning how to improve your ejaculate count, this is a fantastic destination to start.

Another popular tip is to wear loose-fitting trousers and loose boxers rather than limited pants. Tight fitting clothing can heat the testicles and heat is the enemy of sperm and semen production. So to increase your sperm count upkeep, the testes cool with some loose fitting clothes.

Diet is a important change that many men must make to their lifestyles. Refined foods such as sugar and flour hamper nutrition, and are not helpful to your ejaculate count. Instead, eat foods packed with amino acids such as spinach, turkey, and pork. Also, foods made up of zinc, such as oysters, could help increase your ejaculation count.

All these tips will help, but none of them fully guarantees an increase in sperm and semen volume like a herbal supplement can. These kinds of supplements, known as seminal fluid volume enhancers, can help increase semen production by 500%! These natural supplements require no health professional prescription and are the best way to increase seminal fluid volume. So if you wish to increase your sperm matter or maybe have a bigger load – you should give these supplements a try.

Although these foods are an outstanding source of nutrients, they might not exactly be enough. If you are starting to learn how to raise your sperm count you may well not realize how effective organic semen volume supplements can be. These supplements provide the body with all the nutrients it needs for effective semen production safely and effectively.

3 Oral Sex Techniques Women Crave

Hot girl wants to be eaten outDid you know that your best chance of making a woman have an orgasm is from oral sex? The reason behind this is because oral sex involves a lot of direct stimulation of the clitoris and that is the easiest way for a woman to have an orgasm. Yes, some women can orgasm with ease from g-spot stimulation, but it is quite rare. Since that is the case, this means that you need to be up on your oral sex techniques if you expect to make her come over and over again.

So, if you want to make her orgasm from oral, how do you make that happen? How do you ensure that you are doing everything in your power to give her everything that she needs? To do this, you need to master these three oral sex techniques to give her the best oral sex of her life, and you will quickly become the best she’s ever had.

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The first oral sex technique is to give her a variety of stimulation tactics. The first one is to use both the tip of your tongue and the flat side of your tongue. The tip of your tongue offers her more direct stimulation, so you can use this when she is close to orgasm to push her over the edge. The flat side of your tongue, or the widest part of your tongue, feels softer and a bit more luscious on her. Switching it up between both of these techniques will be exactly what she needs to help get her through to orgasm.

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The second oral sex technique is to spell out the alphabet on her. That’s right – you want to get back to basics and spell out the ABC’s on her vagina. However, you don’t want to spell them out; you want to go between small letters, big letters, drawing them slowly, drawing them quickly, tracing them in cursive and so on. The more you change it up, the better it feels for her and the more into it she will be. Plus, this keeps you on some rhythm so you won’t feel like you are losing your place or losing your pace.

The third oral sex technique is to keep the ABC’s in mind but to trace figure 8’s instead. These are just other techniques you can use on your wife to showoff as a pro, and they work. Figure 8’s are fun, and you don’t have to focus on the clitoris above the vagina opening. You can explore all over. Did you know that the clitoris extends all over the vagina? It might not feel as sturdy when you stimulate her in different areas, but it will still feel amazing. The more stimulation you can give to her, the better.

Aside from technique that you should keep in mind, that has nothing to do with your tongue, is to perhaps insert a finger or two inside of her as she gets closer to orgasm. Some women need that added stimulation to send them over the edge to make this happen for her and give her as much as you can.