3 Simple Ways to Ejaculate Like a Boss!

Lots of loads for menIf you are struggling to enhance your sexual satisfaction and you are not happy with the results but at the same time you are not a big fan of pharmaceutical industry and want to make your progress natural and easy, have no worries.

In fact, there are some very achievable and natural ways for you to improve your ejaculation power and sperm volume which you can try in the comfort of your home and incorporate it into your daily routine.

Check out these three easiest ways to improve your semen power.

1. Water consumption

The internet is full of articles that promote a lot of daily water intake. You can lose weight, your skin will look better, etc. Well, turns out, water helps you improve your ejaculation too.

No kidding! Scientists are telling us that there is a direct correlation between the amount of fluids you ingest and your ejaculation capacity during the day. This happens because semen in your sperm is based on water and the more water your body consumes, there is more ways for it to create more semen.

Now, this doesn’t mean that if you drink an incredible amounts of water during the day, you will be able to ejaculate some world record volume of semen, if that is even a real thing.

The general rule of drinking two to three liters of water applies here as well and will get you covered since that is all your body needs to create a healthy sperm.

2. Leave yourself alone for a day
or two

Can you do it? Are you able to control your needs for a day and abstain from orgasm if it will help you improve your sperm volume?

Before you answer no, you need to understand that your body can produce around 140 to 200 million sperm cells every single day. That might sound like a lot but keep in mind that every time you ejaculate, you lose around 40 million of these cells. There is a limited amount, and every next orgasm will be weaker until you deplete your daily dose.

So, by waiting a day or two, you will actually help your body replenish it’s sperm supplies which will then affect your power to ejaculate in a positive way.

Here again, you shouldn’t go to the extremes and wait for more than two days, expecting to improve your sperm count even more. The sperm that is not used is just sitting there and getting old, so use it

3. Avoid constant heat around
your delicate area

Your sperm cells, just like Superman, have one one big weakness. The kryptonite of your little soldiers is a constant heat. This is why testicles are just hanging there, out in the open. In order to survive, these cells need to maintain a temperature lower than 98.6 F or a 37.0 C, which is, as you might guess, your average body temperature.

So, spending a lot of time in a hot tub or just a constant use of heated seats in your car can actually affect your sperm count in a negative way. This is why some scientists also recommend you to avoid holding your laptop, which tends to heat a lot, around your scrotum area.

And there you go, these are some common things that you disregard in your daily life routine but could be the reason you are struggling to perform like a healthy, young man.