How to make your girlfriend cum quickly? The whole truth!

how to make a girl cum

Enjoying a good sexual experience is vital for every successful relationship. Reaching the edge of your needs and experiencing a powerful orgasm is the most obvious yet important ending of a sexual act. Girls are not usually so quick in reaching that edge, however. For this reason, they need every little help they can get.

Here are some simple, yet effective tips that can teach you how to make your girl cum quickly using your tongue, finger and talent. They will ultimately make your girl burn for more time in the bedroom with you.

Touch her everywhere

After you spread her whole body on the bed, you should by touching her wherever you have access to. That being said, you need to become familiar with her inner parts, the things that she likes, the moans and little sounds she makes. Identifying her secret passions is the first step towards satisfying her.

Some of us do not have a clear idea of the woman’s body, its sensitive spots and the anatomy of a girl’s genital region. This can easily get solved if you experiment with different movements every time along with asking her what she really likes or prefers. In any case, touch your girl on her nipples, breasts, butt and neck. It will make her crazy for more.

Go down on her

As with men, women also, like oral sex and can actually cum a lot easier if you go down on them properly. During your foreplay phase, use your tongue to stimulate her sensitive clitoris and try to watch closely for her reactions. Add some dirty talk to spice up the whole thing.

You should also, be aware of the fact that some women are able to reach orgasm only via their clitoris. The actual penetration is not capable of making them cum. If such is the case with your girl as well, you should double your efforts during that stage and try to make her cum before you continue with the whole sexual act.

Persistence is the key of success for this stage. Lick her and suck her, along with touching her everywhere slowly. Change your movements from up and down to circulatory and watch her face for reactions.

Use your fingers

In order to touch your girl without hurting her you really need to find the ideal spot and the right pace. Ideally, you should synchronize your fingering with your oral examination of her inner parts. This can blow her mind right away!

The use of your fingers inside her vagina can help you hit her g-spot. That sensitive spot is full of nerves that can make your partner cum extremely quickly if you find the right pace. For better results, use two fingers inside her vagina and curl them upwards a bit. Push your fingers up and down without moving them outside her vagina.

Increase your pace and with the other hand, grab her pussy and rub with your thumb against her clit. A huge squirting orgasm will make its appearance if you perform everything with patience and persistence. If you find some trouble in moving your fingers inside of her, try to use some lubrication beforehand.

Play with her mind

Women are in general, very mindful persons. Playing with her mind along with her body can be the real trick towards blocking any insecurities she may suffer from and letting herself free to enjoy your careness. Talking to her during your foreplay, kissing her on the lips and sucking her neck are few of the things you could do.

You could alternatively, use some sex toys that can blow her mind and make her forget she is on earth. A small vibrator on her clit for example, can highlight the whole sensations and help her cum more quickly.

Making your girl cum is the most important sign that you really care for her, as well. Although it may be difficult at times, there are various tricks that can help anyone to get better in the field of foreplay and pre-penetration orgasm. The common ground of all those tips is to be persistent and ready to spend as long as it needs in order to satisfy her.

After all, there are two of you in the bedroom. Therefore, you should be both satisfied and totally spent after you finish your sexual act each time.