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3 Powerful Foods to Make Your Cum Taste Better

food for cum tasteHere’s a shocking fact, the type of food you choose to eat does affect the taste of your cum. Gasp! Well, don’t be shocked, they really do. So for all the foul remarks your girl made after a blowjob, it’s you, not her. None of you want to come out of the act meant to pleasure your essence feeling pathetic and disgusted. Luckily, some foods have been proved to naturally sweeten the taste of your cum and consequently improve your health. That’s two scores for you and your body. Here is a list of three foods that can sweeten your cum.

It goes without saying that fruits are a proven fix to almost anything. Citrus fruits are especially useful when it comes to flavoring semen. Among the many citruses is the pineapple which I’m sure you’ve heard of its quality sweetening effect. Semen is naturally alkaline while the pineapple has acidic properties, combining the two naturally neutralizes your semen making it to not only taste better but also smell better. You can either take the fruit itself or have it as pineapple juice, it’ll work either way. Oranges, grapefruits, limes, and lemons are also a few more examples of fruits that are rich in citrus. Other fruits that do the trick are bananas, papayas, watermelons, and strawberries. This is a whole lot of natural goodness that you could use to make your partner happy.


Cinnamon can either be used as a spice or food depending on your preference. As a spice, it naturally adds flavor to your food and bakings but little did you know that it makes your semen taste better. Its underlying properties help the body to remove odor tastes leaving the body with sensational scents. It’s proven to work really good in other various parts of you physic but we don’t really care much about that now, do we? Semen sweetness is what we’re here for and cinnamon has naturally solved this quest. Other spices like peppers and peppermints also do well in casting out a sour taste. There are even cinnamon and peppermint mouth fresheners that leave a sweet taste after blowjobs.


Our feathery friends have the flesh that we could consider as not only yummy but also cummy. While it isn’t in the least fair for the poor chickens, ducks or turkeys to die for our flavor needs, their passing isn’t falsely justified. Studies show that having poultry meat over fish and red meat does make your cum taste better. The latter have their own advantages that include empowering your sperm and increasing their sperm count but the downside is that they, especially red meat, make your semen salty. Adding poultry into your diet once a while a week will make your bedtimes really sweet for both of you.

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Other than counting down the foods that can sweeten your cum, you should be informed of the foods that cause your semen to have its bad taste. Along with the steak and fish, avoid caffeine, smoking, beer, dairy products, and fast food products like pizza and burgers. Basically, try to eat as healthy as much as you can to avoid a bitter indulgence, and have a sweet one.