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Techniques to Get a Girl Squirting Irrepressibly

How to make a girl cumWould you want to be the god of the bedroom when it comes to pleasuring your female partner, giving her the best of moments during sex? Well, you have to plan immaculately, don’t just jump in there and expect everything to work; you have to push some buttons, she will love it.

Orchestrating a powerful climax that will leave her quivering with enchantment, the splendor of the gushing force of nature straight from her womanhood, oh my! Isn’t that just paradise? The rupture of the girl squirt, dreamland many yearn to get the keys to.

Start by making the mood right, erasing all distraction and cares from her mind, let only aspects and feelings of pleasure and joy linger, everything else mightn’t work without this. Clear the special place of any clutter; create a sensual milieu that will elicit a combination of cerebral, sexual, and emotional desire right from inception. Aromatherapy, lighting, music and personal grooming come hand in hand with milieu.

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When all is set and you are in your ‘birthday suit’ (naked), find the right position for both of you, perfect for stimulating her vagina and clitoris. Have her face up, legs spread, whether flat, knees bent or the frog position, let her relax and stretch her thigh muscles. A pillow under her butt will help by slightly tilting her pelvis, trouncing her g-spot at a textbook angle.

Move on to the foreplay, whisper something, anything sweet and sexy, and against her ears let her sense the placid feel of your lungful arousing discourse. A sensual, tender and exhilarating rubdown will give you clues on her sensitive spots that will arouse her and lead to stimulation; you can ask her if she likes it.

There is nothing like waste of lube at this juncture, more just makes this escapade exciting and sexy, making it naughtier. Apply it all over, inside her vagina, copiously on the clitoris, your palm and fingers as well. From here use a combination of clitoris stimulation via a combination of oral and cardinal manipulation.

Slowly and smoothly penetrate her, palm up using your middle finger, fingertip curled and caress her vagina’s frontal wall. If she likes it and desires extra, keep on, but be careful not to over stimulate her, after a little while, one more finger would do good with other stimulation sensations, sliding deeper two or three inches into her till you reach a spongy part more or less the size of a dime, the g-spot.

A feeling of urination may hit her, tell her you wouldn’t mind a little pee, its normal and you are comfortable with it, she needs reassurance to free her mind of worry and let go. Focus on other areas of her body she hungers to get stimulated, give her vagina and clitoris equal levels of stimulation.

For better control, use your other hand to maintain stability at her pubic bone while kneeling or standing facing her as she fidgets for sexual enchantment. Gently continue g-spot grazing as you mildly apply pressure to the clitoris with your palm whilst giving your hand an up and down motion. Increase the tempo while maintaining the rhythm, don’t rush, as climax gets closer, inhalations will become sharp, squirms and moans will follow, she will get wet, fluids flowing from her own ejaculation. As the squirting begins, maintain the firm palm placement on the clitoris to keep the stimulation at a regulated state.

Tip: toys or a finger in the butt work magic for many women, make her comfortable.