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How to Get a Woman to Orgasm, 3 Key Tips

How to finger a girl

Oftentimes during heterosexual sex the man will orgasm/cum. However, it can be involving to help the woman, “Get off,” when having sex. With this in mind there are three key tips that can assist in getting a woman to orgasm.

1. Focus on the Clit

A wide range of relatively, “Clean,” movies as well as porn can give-off the idea that the key to having a woman orgasm is through fast-and-hard penetrative sex. In fact, studies have shown around only 30% or less of women can orgasm from penetrative sex alone. Simply trying to, “Fuck her hard,” will accomplish very little for most women despite what the media might have you think. It isn’t the sex itself that gets a woman off, in other words, it is focus on that key body part, the clitoris AKA clit.

Scientifically speaking, the clitoris is the only body part on a human that is designed for no purpose other than pleasure. It is a clump of nerve cells that exist to help a woman feel good and enjoy sexual contact, and too many men totally ignore it! When engaging in sexual contact with a woman one way to help her achieve an orgasm is to pay the clit plenty of attention. This can mean rubbing it with your fingers, or if your partner enjoys oral sex, “Going down,” on her and licking her clitoris to assist with giving her an orgasm. It doesn’t have to ALL be about the clit, however. Instead, incorporate it into your overall sex routine. While penetrating your woman encourage her to not be shy about rubbing her clit or offer to do it yourself–the combination of penetration and clit stimulation will often help many women cum who otherwise wouldn’t orgasm from just one of the stimulation methods.

2. Don’t be Afraid to Use Toys/Videos

Oftentimes in a relationship the man and/or woman will find that the idea of using toys or watching erotic videos (be it a raunchy movie or straight-up porn) is taboo. Too often a man will worry it makes him look like less of a, “Sex God,” if toys or videos are needed and the woman will be scared it makes her look like she has a problem being unable to cum from the mans fingers/mouth/penis alone. In fact, it has been shown that incorporating toys and/or videos into sex-play can make the sex even better. Being willing to bring toys or videos into the bedroom usually actually makes both partners have a lot more fun, and a man who shows he’s comfortable with his woman using a vibrator or watching a dirty video while he’s fucking her is a man who shows his woman he considers her pleasure a focus of his. Instead of a couple struggling to get the woman to orgasm they should be eager to use toys or videos if it helps and that man’s woman will know he is a pro at getting her off with all the tools–be it his own body parts or some extra stimulation to make sure the woman cums.

3. Conversation, Conversation, and more Conversation

If something feels good, tell your partner. If something feels bad, tell your partner about that too. It sounds obvious, but too many people are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings to verbalize what they want sexually. If a man makes it clear to his female partner he is ready to listen, she will feel much more comfortable having a conversation about what she wants. A woman might be afraid her man will think it, “Weird,” if she discloses she likes a finger in her ass while being fucked, but if she is reassured the man wants to make her cum any way he can, she’ll view him as a sex-pro who is read to do whatever she needs to make her feel good. A woman who feels comfortable talking about her sexual desires is a woman who is going to cum a lot for her man.


When it comes to getting a woman to orgasm these three tips are not the only things to consider, but they are a great starting-point for a man who wants to ensure his woman cums. By focusing on the clit, not being shy about toys or videos, and above all being willing to have a conversation about what the woman likes sexually, that will go a long way to helping her have a bunch of orgasms.