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Volume Pills Review – Why it is The leading Semen enhancement for men

Volume Pills - Semen Enhancer

Did you know that not satisfying your partner can derail your sexual life? Its quiet embarrassing that you only last for one minute and yet your partner wants an intense organism feeling. You may blame yourself but the truth is that it’s not your fault. No one wants to be the one minute guy. However, this condition is not permanent and it can be reversed by using Volume Pills.

Volume Pills have been made to specifically help you restore your sexual confidence. They are made from natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be safe and even recommended by various medical practitioners. The pills are efficient, reliable and above all the best. This article will cover the comprehensive review of volume pills, advantages, disadvantages and why it stands out as the best.

Overview of Volume Pills

Volume pills are unique male enhancement supplements made from natural products aimed at maximizing semen production, boost sexual stamina and increase male sexual desire. Professionally formulated by cGMP Certified Pharmaceutical lab and sold by Leading Edge Health, volume pills stands out as one of the best sexual enhancement pills in the market beating the giants like Viagra, thanks to the unique formula incorporated in the pill. 

One interesting fact about Volume pills is that all the natural products in the pill are all proven traditional sexual enhancement herbs that have been used for centuries. There are no synthetic compounds that will harm you in using the pill. Volume pills increase the semen production by 500% while at the same time it creates hard erection for maximum orgasm. 

Volume pills are cheap and can be easily accessed anywhere in the world. The product has been proven as safe and is completely endorsed by Medical specialists.

How Volume Pill works 

The secret behind the working of the Volume pills lies in the supplement it contains. These supplements are herbal in nature. They work by convincing and forcing the natural sex glands to produce more sexual hormones and the same time increase the semen supply to the penis during orgasm. The muscles in the erogenous zones will be pushed and contracted harder forcing all sperms in penis duct to be ejaculated in massive loads. The extra force produces a hardened erection which gives you an unprecedented pleasure and explosive orgasm.

How much semen do I need to produce? Well a normal man should ejaculate 3 to 5 ml semen during a normal orgasm. If you are below this, then you probably need to consider the option of using Volume pills.
Volume pills are also known to boost the testerone levels that will make you feel manlier and increase the length of hard erections. Testerone hormones tend to get low as one ages and thus Volume pills will help counteract the dampened levels.

The Various components found in Volume Pills

Volume pills contain numerous ingredients that work all together to ensure you get the desired results. The ingredients are 100% safe and have been derived from herbal plants. The major ingredients found in Volume Pills include:
Volume pills are among the few enhancement drugs containing Drilizen compound. The compound stimulates the production of nitric oxide which increases the blood flow in the body. An increased blood flow in penis means a hard and strong erection.
Zinc Oxide.
If you check on the label of the product, you will see Zinc listed as first component. Zinc plays an important role in improving mans fertility through production of high quality sperms. The recommended amount of daily zinc intake for men is 10-15mg but Volume pills contain a whole 24mg, meaning you will produce a good load of fertile semen.
Solidin compound gives Volume pills an upper notch in the market. Solidin is made up of L-Dopa compound that acts as pleasure transmitter to brain. This will cause the brain to simulate an intense feeling of sexual orgasm.
Ku Gua

Also know as bitter lemon, Ku Gua is an Asian herb that helps boost men’s testosterone levels through the reduction of fats.
Ling Zhi
Ling Zhi is commonly known as Reishi. Ling Zhi is a popular term in China japan and Asia. The component has been proven to have an impact on stress reduction and strengthening immune system. Ling hi also helps boost the Libido.
These are some of the components found in Volume pills. When you read the drugs label, you will see a list of numerous components that all play an important role in boosting your sexual stamina.


One is recommended to take two pills per day and for maximum results few minutes to hours before a sexual activity. However, if you continuously take the pills for few more days, you will notice a significant increase in the semen volume.

Where Do I buy the pills and how much is it?

To get the real Volume pills, purchase it directly from Volume pills website. There are many fake products in the internet purporting to be Volume pills and so buying from the official website will shield you from such.
A box of Volume pills costs $ 65 USD (One month supply) and it comes with 60 pills. There are also two month supplies and three month supplies that cost $ 110 USD and $160 USD respectively. You can also decide to purchase a year’s supply at $348.95 USD. If you think Volume pills are not giving you required results after purchase, you can return it within 67 days of purchase and be refunded.

What are the expected results after taking the pills? 

The expected results may vary on different persons. Most men have reported to start witnessing increased orgasms six hours after taking the pills. For first week, you may notice insignificant changes in the semen volume but as days goes by, you will experience strong and long-lasting erections. If it never works for you in the first week, be patient and complete the dosage. It may take long but it will definitely work before the end of first month. 

Why is Volume Pill better than Semenax?

Volume pills and Semenax are both sexual enhancement pills sold by the same company but what sets the Volume Pill as the best product?
Volume Pills has incorporated numerous herbal components that are not only superior but also safe whereas Semenax has very few to none herbal ingredients. In fact only Zinc is the common component shared by the two products. Secondly, Volume pills offers up to six month back money guarantee whereas Semenax only offers only 60 days back money Guarantee. Thirdly, Volume pills have a medical professional endorsement whereas Semenax seem to not have. 

What are the Pros of Volume Pills
-Simple to use. No gadgets required when taking it.
-Money Back Guarantee
-Free-shipping Overseas
-The ingredients in the pills are scientifically proven to have numerous benefits to human.
-Volume pills are safe and there are no Side effects
-There are a lot of positive reviews from real users.
Are there any Side Effects?
There are no proven side effects of using Volume Pills. However, our bodies react different to drugs and so you may allergic reactions to numerous ingredients in the drug. When under other medications, it’s recommended you see a doctor before taking the pills.

In summary, Volume Pills are a great semen enhancement pill that will not only give you an increased semen production but also increased orgasm and erection. This can be a very ideal pill if you really want to show her that you are a true man.