Shaffy Bello Biography (Jan 2023) Net Worth, Age, Wiki, Husband, Daughter, Real Name, Family, Tattoo, Children

One of Liberia’s promising rising actresses, who goes by the popular name “Sexy Love has been reported dead by several Liberian Celebrities.

Shaffy Bello-Akinrimisi famously known as Shaffy Bello, is a notable Nigerian film entertainer and vocalist. She rose to conspicuousness in 1997 following the arrival of Seyi Sodimu’s hit tune, “Love Me Jeje,” on which she loaned her vocals. Shaffy Bello experienced childhood in the US prior to getting back to Nigeria.

Shaffy Bello Biography

Shaffy Bello (conceived 8 October 1970) is a Nigerian film entertainer and vocalist. She initial shot into the diversion scene when she highlighted vocals in a 1997 hit tune by Seyi Sodimu named “Love Me Jeje”.

Shaffy Bello Age

Shaffy Bello is 60 years of age starting around 2023. She was brought into the world on 8 October 1970.

Shaffy Bello Career

Shaffy experienced childhood in the US where she finished her schooling. Her most memorable significant film was Eti Keta, a Yoruba film. In 2012, she featured as Joanne Lawson in the television series Glitter and as Adesuwa in Taste of Affection. Shaffy has since highlighted in a few Yoruba and English language movies and television series including When Love Occurs, Gbomo Express, and Taste of Affection.

Shaffy Bello Husband, Children

Shafy Bello is hitched with two youngsters. Shaffy was hitched to Mr. Akinrimisi and the association has been honored with two youngsters, Ashley and Ashton Akinrimisi.

Is Shaffy Bello Actually Hitched? In 2022, Shaffy Bello said she separated from her significant other who genuinely did right by her to satisfy her desire. The entertainer unveiled this in a visit with Chude Jideonwo, while describing how her marriage finished a long time back. She said she settled on separate since she felt too enclosed by the weight of parenthood.

“I needed to spread my wings. I felt like I was pregnant and I could never have a kid. I felt like my wings were shut in and I was enclosed. I was longing for all the more yet didn’t understand what penance will accompany that,” she said. “I followed through on the cost of [not] having an association with my kids. Coming to Nigeria, I would remain in my room some of the time and cry, similar to, ‘goodness my golly, what am I doing?’ I left them. My little girl was 13 and my child was 11. “Presently granted, I was an involved mother: return home, sleep, put everything out on the table, all of that. Also, I mean, quit my place of employment just to bring up my youngsters. That is the reason I just had two. So when they grew up partially, I returned to work.

“I forfeited everything since I accept that they didn’t request to be conceived. I needed to give them everything. Leaving them was an enormous penance, however it turned around for good. I returned and needed to be a Yoruba entertainer. “I tracked down my calling; addressed the cost of separation quite a while back. He was a decent man yet I reached a point where I needed more. I needed to pursue that decision to zero in on what I needed. I’ve buckled down and I’m forfeiting nothing.”

Shaffy Bello Daughter

Ashley Akinrimisi is the girl of famous entertainer and vocalist, Shaffy Bello. She is a vlogger and model.

Shaffy Bello Net Worth

Shaffy Bello has an expected Total assets of $500,000. She is a multi-gifted entertainer and vocalist, one of the most powerful in the business Many thanks for perusing Shaffy Bello Account And Total assets as far as possible; kindly do us great to divide this article between loved ones on the different web-based entertainment stage. Before you go, It could Intrigue you to understand Life story And Total assets


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