Who Was Hong Kong Socialite Abby Choi? (Feb 2023) Abby Choi Killed At The Age Of 28, Ex-Husband Accused And Know More

Who Is Hong Kong Socialite Abby Choi? Abby Choi, a 28-year-old model from Hong Kong, was accounted for missing on Tuesday, and on Friday 26 February 2023, her headless body was found in a town house in Tai Po, a suburb of Hong Kong.

Portions of her partitioned body were cooked, with some kept in the fridge. Her body parts were unloaded because of a cash contention with her ex’s loved ones. In this blog, you’ll learn about Who Is Hong Kong Socialite Abby Choi? Abby Choi Killed At 28 years old, Ex Blamed And Know More.

Who Was Hong Kong Socialite Abby Choi?

Abby Choi was a design symbol and media character who had become well known as one of the most sought-after powerhouses in the business. Under about fourteen days prior, Abby was on the front of the design and lavish way of life magazine L’Officiel Monaco, looking astonishing in a naked hued outfit.

Before Abby’s passing, the 28-year-old model has perceived as a “rising gifted star” in Hong Kong showbiz. With north of 84,000 supporters on Instagram, she had fans in Hong Kong as well as around the world.

What Occurred With Hong Kong Socialite Abby Choi?

On 24 February 2023, the Hong Kong press simultaneously covered the passing of female model Abby Choi. Police proclaimed that she was killed following 3 days of vanishing.

The casualty Abby Choi’s fragmented body was found in Longwei town, Taipo (Hong Kong). The authorities said that Abby was broken into pieces by the killer and put in the cooler. As per police, they have captured 3 suspects, including the guardians and sibling of her ex. They are chasing after more Alex Kwong (Abby Choi’s ex) on doubt of being associated with the homicide.

The intention of killing prompting the grievous case is guessed by the police to be because of a discussion on how much HKD 100 million or $12.7 million.

Abby Choi’s Ex Is Principal Charged

Abby Choi had a despondent marriage, and after the separation, she actually upheld her ex’s family monetarily on the grounds that they didn’t have stable positions. As of late, Abby and her ex Alex Kwong frequently fought on the grounds that she assumed she was being emptied of cash. Her ex Alex Kwong won’t go out to work and depends just on Abby Choi’s stipend.

A few reports guaranteed that Abby’s folks and current spouse have offered a prize of 2 million HKD or $ 254,000 to find Alex Kwong, who is associated with driving the homicide of Abby. This murder is at present causing shock and shock in Hong Kong’s popular assessment. The lamentable demise of Abby leaves pain fans.


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