Write for Us + General Guest Post: Read All Details To Write A Guest Post!

The article provides the necessary writing guidelines to adhere to to apply the Write for Us + General Guest Post to the Barewitness.com website.

Have you ever thought about how amazing the information revolution is where even 5-year-old children and a granddad in his 70s utilize internet-capable mobile phones? Indeed, people are searching for information and subjects that interest them. To cater to everyone’s interests, our Barewitness.com team has created the Write for Us + General Guest Post.

From Our Barewitness.com, greetings

The website Barewitness.com contains information from creative sources. Our workforce is the most efficient and knowledgeable, and before submitting anything to our site, they closely examine each word.

Our publications, such as General + Write for Usas well as contemporary works pieces, have drawn a wider readership because we stood by the truth and did not promote any team.

As a result, we have gained a large following of faithful readers who support our writing.

The topics are covered 

  • Reviews of the Website and Products; 
  • News; 
  • Shopping and Gaming Advice; 
  • Making Digital Cash from CBD; 
  • Health; 
  • Employment;  
  • Travel.

Requisite skill sets for Write for Us + General Articles

  • The duty to approach all general folks, regardless of age, profession, ethnicity, or race, is known as the “general articles” requirement. 
  • Writers are expected to select worthwhile themes since we want to give our visitors excellent screen time in which they must discover new skills from our “Write for Us”+General article in their five minutes of reading time. As a result, broad conversation themes may originate from any type of media.
  • Could you not take it literally, though? We’re attempting to spread truthful facts.
  • Education: Given that this is a universal problem, everybody can participate. However, in this instance, topic knowledge is more crucial.

Write for Us General content Samples and fundamental subjects

Our team has decided to help the writers choose articles because the titles mentioned below illustrate the various topics that guest post participants are expected to explore.

  • Articles for new parents offering guidance on child growth, unusual foods, etc.
  • Suggestions to enhance the bone and pregnancy prevention of women
  • Authors can research “Write for Us” + “General” the foundations of gender and the related myths and facts while composing this post.
  • Current Financial Institutions
  • Lot’s role in day-to-day existence
  • Information on cryptocurrency
  • Modern methods for protecting the environment
  • Trending news from around the world and its commentary
  • A look at the applications of AI in several industries
  • Sales and online marketing firm

Simply Write for Us General Articles Documentation Guidelines

  • Language and ideas that may insult specific racial, ethnic, or religious communities should be avoided in articles.
  • We expect all of our authors to deliver documents that are entirely their work and to provide evidence of this. We request they upload a screenshot showing how much of the text is plagiarised.
  • The Write for Us+General post should be free of grammatical and spelling errors, and the combined Grammarly Score for all positions should not be lower than 98%.
  • The word count should not exceed 700–2000; anything above that is excessive.
  • Our website is not a place for false information.

“Write for Us” + General “ Rules SEO 

  • The author should use the appropriate headings, titles, graphs, etc.
  • Authors can use trending keywords, so be sure to stress them.
  • At the end of the article, there must be internal and external connections.
  • A spam score of 4 to 5% is regarded as acceptable.

Barewitness.com has made suggestions to the General + “Write for Us” blog.

  • The Barewitness.com team is available to answer questions from authors and helps them learn about several real-world facets of this business.
  • If required, our professionals will provide feedback and suggestions to improve the writer’s work.
  • Because all of our posts are search engine optimized, they eventually attract more readers and place higher in Search results searches.

Where and how to submit General “Write for Us” articles.

The specified [email protected] address must be used to submit the content for guest posting.

There aren’t any other submission options that we’ll take into account. So, please remember to use this mailing address. Our editorial staff manages all submissions and answers inquires and calls for clarity within 24 hours.


Our Write for Us + General Guest Post contributors is obligated to strictly adhere to the rules established by the Barewitness.com crew. If the writers encounter any difficulties, we are here to assist them.

We admit that we have some expectations of the General  topic authors, though. I appreciate it.

Do you want to share your skills with us? Make a comment indicating your interest.

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