Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post: Nuances of Crafting Marketing Blogs Appropriately!

Do you wish to know what makes content which is a perfect marketing read? Know the nuances by reading Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post and develop accurate blogs

Does the word shopping spark your curiosity to get set on a spree? Whether it is window shopping or street shopping, the activity can never fail to spike adrenaline levels in the body. The enthusiasm for exploring different places where you can get products at lesser prices is a great joy. If you are curious to share your explorations with a broader range of audience, then this chance is for you.

The process is simple. You know, and we the platform. Share your thoughts on Write for Us + Shopping Guest Post and get paid. So, if this opportunity fits you perfectly, do not forget the below sections where we elaborate further information.

A Gist of the Website

Our website is named https://barewitness.org/. It is an international medium for sharing information with the audience. There are plenty of topics from multiple genres, such as money, technology, health, sports and many more. 

Do become part of our fun Write for Us + Shopping segment, adding your creativity to our write-ups. For more information, check out the proceeding segments to gain insight into the terms and regulations.

Rules and Nuances of Building Excellent Shopping + Write for Us Content

The crux of good content ranks high on search engine results. Additionally, it should follow all the guidelines written according to SEO nuances.

  • Write for Us Shopping blogs must be based on the latest topics
  • It must include keywords which can attract the audience
  • Distribute the keywords evenly based on the required density
  • Include 1 to 2% of keywords in the entire article
  • Make sure to add a combination of primary, long-phrase and secondary keywords.
  • Give utmost importance to grammar and syntax
  • There should be no errors in spelling or sentence formation
  • Try to maintain an active voice in the sentence
  • Do not copy content from any source
  • Proofread and check for plagiarism before sharing the article with us

In the coming section, we will highlight the benefits of onboarding as writers.

Benefits of “Write for Us”+Shopping Guest Blogging

There are plenty of advantages to onboarding as guest bloggers. Apart from getting a chance to write on various topics, we also offer the benefit of onboarding as writers. These include:

  • Shopping Write for Us is a paid opportunity
  • Get the golden chance to network with other writers and authors
  • Write on multiple genres and curve your career graph
  • Get a CTA with a short bio included at the end of every article
  • Add a robust project with an international client to your portfolio
  • Increase your reach among recruiters with a strong resume

Note that once the content is uploaded on our website, it cannot be shared with any other platform. Follow the guidelines to avoid copyright issues.

Onboarding Process for “Write for Us” + “Shopping” Guest Blogs

The joining process is extremely simple. We have eliminated the prolonged process of multiple interviews, rounds and tests. You need to share a sample content aligning with the guidelines via Email with us. Drop your “Write for Us” + Shopping articles at [email protected].

Please note that the content will go through a strict quality check process. We will send an approval email to the selected candidates only when it meets our desired criteria. Wait and check your email for our notifications.

Necessary Criteria for Write for Us+Shopping Blogs

  • Apart from the mentioned rules, there are other essential criteria which the candidates must thoroughly follow. These include:
  • Maintain sufficient white space in the content
  • Do not overstuff any keywords
  • All the Shopping + “Write for Us” topics should include a combination of facts and source links.
  • The Grammarly percentage should be a 98+ score
  • On the other hand, the plagiarism score should be 1%
  • Add links, including external and internal ones, in all contents
  • Every title must include a keyword
  • Add a meta description limited to 160 characters

Final Conclusion

It is much easier to create content when the facts and information are clear. Therefore, we hope there are no queries related to blog creation. Instead, take advantage of the opportunity to graph up your career.

Please message us in the comments box below for any doubts about Shopping “Write for Us” content.

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