How to Milk Your Prostate; Tricks and Tips

Prostate Milking LocationProstate milking involves stimulating the prostate gland. In other quarters, it is referred to as prostate therapeutic massage. The procedure is simple and can be done by a medical practitioner or by your sexual partner for pleasure. Prostate milking dates back to thousands of years. The Far East and Asia are the original roots of the practice. During those times, it was believed the practice had therapeutic effects that promoted healing and good health.

In recent times, prostate milking has become more popular around the world. This article aims to demystify the practice, here are a few tips and milking styles to get started.

External Prostate Massage

An external massage can be done in two ways, these include:

  • Direct pressure
  • Gentle massage

Both methods involve applying slight pressure on the perineum, also known as the “male G-spot.” Use the soft pads of your fingers to get the most remarkable results. Alternatively, you can opt for special devices that make it easier. The perineum comprises your anus and genitals.

Tips for external massage

  • Oils such as castor are great during massaging the perineum. While getting massaged, take the opportunity and simultaneously squeeze the peeing muscle. Doing this enhances the experience.
  • Make sure you locate the right spot, one inch below the rectum. For intense pleasure try it during sex, you will experience double pleasure. To delay ejaculation during intercourse with your partner, apply pressure on the prostate.
  • While massaging start slow and gradually increase the pace as you squeeze and release the peeing muscles. Alternatively, use a prostrate cradle, this device will do everything for you.

Internal Prostate Massage

For an internal massage there are also two methods:

  • Using an internal prostate massage tool
  • Using your fingers

Both methods are effective and it all depends with your preference. An internal prostate massage is not always done in a sexual setting; it can be done in a non-sexual setting. However, it is best during sex if you want to achieve the most desired double-pleasure.

The best part about it, you can do it on your own or have someone do it for you. For instance, you can let your partner do it for you.

Before getting started you need to get yourself ready by following these steps:

  • Empty your rectum and take a good hot shower
  • Trim your nails to avoid injury
  • Wear latex gloves (good quality)
  • Use lubrication for easier penetration
  • Gently apply pressure as you move your finger in circular motions

Kegel Exercises

Also referred to as pelvic floor exercises, experts recommend doing them two to three times a day. For each exercise, you must contract and hold your pelvic muscles for approximately four to five minutes. These exercises are great for helping you control urination, enabling you to hold urine for longer. Kegel exercises further improve your erections and orgasms. Kegel exercises also make it easier for you to achieve pleasure
during a prostate massage.

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Kegel exercises also enable you to hold back and control ejaculation during intercourse with
your partner. This eliminates the shame of premature ejaculation.