Write for Us + Football Guest Post: Refer To These Guidelines To Write An Excellent Guest Post Article!

The article explains the ways to present the Write for Us + Football Guest Post article along with the instructions to be adhered to while creating the same.

Are you the person who is most interested in watching football games? Can you develop the analysis based on the games happening recently? Then a Write for Us + Football Guest Post article guest blogging opportunity has been offered to you. And all you have to do is share all your sports interests in writing by adhering to the guidelines mentioned below. Let us see more details about this writing opportunity in the upcoming sections.

About our website “barewitness.org”

Our website is one of the most popular and genuine, known for its highly authentic and trendy information. All our Football + Write for Us works are 100% trustworthy, and in this digital world, we have set the greatest milestone for ourselves. 

Write for Us + Football Writers Preferred Experience and Skill Sets

Football is a global game, and it has fans all over the world. Each football game is a celebration for the football fans. So, the articles released based on football players and matches are receiving lots of support from the readers, which is why we have come up with this guest blogging opportunity to create high-traffic “Write for Us” + Football articles.

  • So, to attempt this opportunity, football coaches and trainers can share the basics of this sport.
  • Retired sports players at the national and regional levels can also attempt to share their real-life experiences and the difficulties of taking football as their career.
  • Football fans can also share their interest in writing, but the content should be high quality.
  • All interested candidates should be experts in writing!

Write for Us Football Reference topics

Kindly take note of these sample topics while searching for them.

  • How did the football game become more popular than other sports?
  • What are the rules to know before playing football?
  • What are the most highlighted moments in recent football games?
  • Who are the most talented football players of all time?
  • What are some useful tips and tricks to win football matches?

Football Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • Word limit: 750 to 1500 words. Writers are deeply requested to write the article shortly and crisply; don’t drag the sentences unnecessarily. The article should be enriched with lots of useful content.
  • The writer must write an attractive title for the article, which should make the readers to click on the title. Give more power to bring out the innovations in choosing the “Write for Us” + “Football” article’s title.
  • The article should be written in impeccable and perfect English without any mistakes.

 “Write for Us” + Football articles SEO guidelines

  • The article has the proper backlinks at the end, and writers must add both inbound and outbound links without fail.
  • The necessary SEO keywords have to be added to the article, which can be found with the help of Google-related searches, Chrome extensions, etc.
  • The spam score of the article affects the SEO optimisation process, thus limiting the score to 5 to 6%.

Benefits to the Football + “Write for Us” writers

  • The writers may get more connections from our reader base, which may help them land more new opportunities.
  • Our website usually attracts more web impressions, so the reach of the guest post article will also be higher.

Football “Write for Us” Submission Rules

The article must be sent via online forms only; this is the mailing address [[email protected]] for submission. Strictly, no other form of submission will be accepted.

While submitting the article, writers are requested to share their active contact and biography details because all the Write for Us+ Football guest blogging notifications will be sent via mail or mobile numbers only.


Thus, the sections mentioned above clearly explain our team’s concerns while creating the guest posts. Our team will be strict when it comes to the guidelines, so never miss any of the important institutions. If the Write for Us + Football Guest Post writers can adhere to all the instructions and submit a high-quality Football article, then we assure you that no one will stop your success in the content writing field.

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