Write For Us + Pets Guest Post: Tips To Write A Highly Engaging Guest Post Article!

The article explains the exciting guest blogging opportunity and its details, along with its essential criteria for Write for Us + Pets Guest Post writers.

Are you the person who loves to grow pet animals in your home? Then, can you write a pet-friendly article for a wide range of global Write for Us + Pets Guest Post readers? Do you strongly believe that you can write engaging articles? Then hone your writing skills! It’s time to show the world your writing talent. 

Introduction to the website “barewitness.org”

Our website is an excellent content creation platform offering many highly diverse Pets + Write for Us articles. And we are not the ones who believe in” one type to fit all.” Instead, we have curated the article based on each reader’s needs. 

Write for Us + Pets articles Required Professional Skills and Skillsets

Pets are domesticated animals that have now evolved as companions for human beings. Our love for pet animals is immeasurable. And we are responsible for caring for them with the utmost care and concern. 

And we need the “Write for Us”+ Pets writers to cover all these topics for us.

Thus, pet professionals like vets, pet groomers, pet dieticians and nutritionists, and pet caretakers can share their technical details about their pets.

Other regular pet lovers can also share their knowledge with us. But everyone must possess impressive writing skills.

Write for Us Pets Reference topics

  • How to take care of the pet animals?
  • What precautions should be taken when we adopt a stray animal as our pet?
  • What are the vaccination procedures for different animals?
  • Maintaining menstrual hygiene for pet animals like monkeys, dogs, etc.
  • What is the perfect food for pet animals? Is human food safe for pets?

Pets Write for Us articles Guidelines

  • Word limit: 750 to 1500
  • Don’t recommend scheduled drugs to the pets in the article; motivate the readers to approach the vets.
  • The article should be organized into sections, including an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. In these three areas, writers should distinguish between ideas and content.
  • Most importantly, the writers should refrain from employing AI content generation tools; our team is looking for each “Write for Us” + “Pets” writer’s original ideas, not AI-generated ones. As a result, please avoid it—strictly no chatgpt content.
  • Writers should be very careful about the grammar and vocabulary parts of the article; they can use the Grammarly application for proofreading purposes.
  • Writers can upload their pets’ images; trust us; your pets may even bring an enormous fortune to you!
  • Please don’t steal someone’s work; submit only 100% unique and legit articles.

“Write for Us” + Pets articles SEO guidelines

  • Adding the appropriate target keywords is necessary. For example, if the writers write about “dog breeds,” then the trending search queries will be “low-maintenance dog breeds,” “cute dog breeds,” “dog breeds that don’t shed,” etc. Thus, writers must collect these keywords and add the necessary content.
  • By doing this, we can make the search engine locate our Write for Us+ Pets article in higher-ranking positions.
  • While adding the keywords, writers should also know their count. The extra count of keywords will backfire on us, so for every 100 words, one SEO keyword is sufficient.
  • Backlinks indicate to the search engine that our article is highly authentic and credible, so writers must add them without fail.
  • Writers must also always pay attention to the spam score of the article and maintain a limit of 5 to 6%.

Benefits to the Pets + “Write for Us” writers

  • The guest post writers will get great exposure, and there are chances they may get even more excellent writing opportunities.
  • Our website has a newsletter option, so the writers will periodically get guest posts as their updates. Thus, there are more chances that they will read that article.

 Pets “Write for Us” articles Submission Rules

All the completed articles must be sent to our platform via this email address [[email protected]]


We genuinely hope that our platform has encouraged every writer to expose their writing skills by utilizing this blogging opportunity. Attempting this chance won’t be difficult; kindly adhere to the rules and trust your knowledge and Write for Us + Pets Guest Post writing skills. We believe that you can create magic through your Pets articles!

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